Prior to meeting Susan, I was struggling with having an employee mindset and in a full time job. My business was struggling and I didn’t know why. Since Susan became my coach, she has changed my mindset about entrepreneurship, gratitude and positive thinking. I have been off from my day job for 5 months now and living the life of a full time entrepreneur. This wouldn’t have been possible without Susan’s coaching.

– Sumu Sathi



In October, I was frustrated with my business and on the verge of giving in. I was invited to a Network Group meeting and mingle brunch. I had never been to anything like that so last minute, I decided to go. Susan was a speaker and I was drawn to her, her energy, her enthusiasm, her passion and it helped that she had been successful in the same business I am currently in. I have spoken to and listened to many who have done the same but there was something different here.
During the mingle and brunch, everyone crowded Susan so my chance to speak with her was slim. I waited to the side and as others were leaving, I approached her and she immediately started chatting up a storm about our business. Who better to learn from than someone who has succeeded but even better when it’s someone who has done exactly the same business as you. I knew I had a lot to learn and was willing. After a 30 min call and info session with her she gave me time to decide but I knew I was either going to make my decision based on fear or faith and on Nov 1st I took a leap of faith.

Working one on one with Susan has been life changing. I’ve learned so much about myself and my ways. Even though I am my own boss, Susan holds me accountable to myself. I have stopped getting in my own way, stopped making excuses and have learned to track my business and respect it like a business. I am so grateful to her as a coach but also a friend.

I highly recommend her program to anyone who wants to grow. You will learn, you will grow and you will be thankful for taking a leap of faith too!

– Jaclyn Monaco

Independent Sales Director
Mary Kay Canada


I own a grass maintenance business. But in 2015 during the winter I was getting cabin fever and needed something to do. And that is when I found Stella & Dot. I jumped in just for something to do. But then I was in love and wanted to do Stella as a full time gig. Until the weekend before I had met Susan, I had all but given up on beginning my new business. It was Easter and my family all sat around and told me how there would be no money in Direct Sales and I was just wasting my time. And I would not be able to make any money at doing something that I was completely in love with. I was deflated. I had all but given up on myself and my business.

I had paid for a lunch at an event so I had decided that I would still go. And that is the day I heard Susan speak. And that is the day I took charge of my life! Susan not only put the fire back in me that day she also made me realize that I would be good at this! But I had never done anything like this before. She had told us to reach out to who we wanted to be. I did. But in Stella, I did not find the guidance that I needed to make my success.

That is when I knew I wanted Susan in my corner cheering and guiding me to my goal! Once my grass business had settled and my energy shifted to Stella & Dot. Susan and I would talk 3 times a month about what I was struggling with and how to achieve that Star level by Christmas. By the end of each chat I felt like I could go out and concur the world… AND DID!

Not only did I achieve my Star Stylist in November. Just 2 months after “working” my business. I had a team of 5 and had made over $4500 in just one month!

But that wasn’t the most amazing part that has come from this process. I went from a girl who was willing to quit on something she loved. Who could be told she wouldn’t be successful and believed people, for I did not believe in myself. Now I am when I look in the mirror I see a completely different person! I look nothing like the person I once was. I am a strong confident woman. Who knows what she wants and will just go out and get it! I am a leader! Who guides each member of her team to success.

Susan teaches us to be positive. And one of her first lessons is, when asked ”How are you?” Reply with GREAT! Just this past weekend something very profound happened to me. I made a difference in a complete strangers life. I was walking in downtown Toronto. Came to a cross walk of just me and one other person. I asked how she was doing she gave a meek smile. And politely asked how I was in return. I replied with “GREAT, THANK YOU”. She literally was taken back by my gusto. She then smiled “Wow, I think I need to take back my answer”. I then said, “ You know just by saying the word GREAT will automatically put a smile on your face!” She smiled and thanked me and told me I just changed her thought.

That is what Susan does. She changes your thoughts. She changes you! There is not a day go by that I am not truly grateful I had already paid that lunch fee. Because I love the new me!

– Paula Alblas

Stella & Dot Independent
Star Stylist –


Oh My Gosh, where do I begin! I started working with Susan exactly one month after I signed my consultant agreement with Thirty-One Gifts. I was looking for someone to give me focus, guidance and support to move my business up the ladder as quickly as possible. I started with Susan in her Six Figure Direct Sales Academy and after completing 2 sessions of that decided that I needed some one on one push to really propel my business. So again, I joined Thirty-One in July 2013 and promoted to a Director with a team of 20 ladies in March 2014. Without Susan’s guidance, support, encouragement and drive I would still be sitting as a consultant wondering where my business is going! From her training, I now enjoy standing in front of ladies showing them my product as well as teaching my team on ways to grow and enjoy their Thirty-One business. And I can honestly say I hated talking in front of people, Susan has a great gift in finding out how to bring out the best in people. From the growth of my business I have the extra cash to take the time off at my j`o`b and pick up my daughter at school and enjoy those extra hours with her! J She is my why and this training helped my stay focused and achieve my goals. I love Susan for what she has taught me in my business and personal life, I definitely am a better mom, wife, friend, consultant and director! Thanks with all my heart for all these wonderful things you have helped my achieve Susan, I am so glad that our paths have crossed! <3

– Kelly Ripley

Independent Sales Directory – Thirty-One Gifts


Susan, you are the most positive person I have ever met!  The one that has had the most influence in my life.  A great friend that I always can count on!  A great listener, great role model for anyone and a lot more that I could go on and on.  If  I had the time I could start up my own book about all the ways you have influenced my life .

– Bertina Matos


“It is an incredible feeling to know that you have a coach on your side who is there to inspire you forward toward your dreams – Susan Brady is that coach and she is a woman who motivates with her heart.  She is driven to be successful on her own terms and encourages other women to do the same.  With her coaching I have become a more confident woman which has helped me to become successful in both business and personal pursuits.  She holds my heart next to hers as she guides me to being the best woman I can be…and I, in turn, teach my daughters to be the best they can be by living a life of excellence.”

– Sheena Murphy


Susan, …. I will never forget the afternoon we were working on setting goals at the Matrixx, I had written down a B goal, you know the guy who’s going from the Pontiac for the Cadillac :-) You looked above my shoulder and asked me : “If tomorrow you have all the money and the time you want, and you can choose one thing, and you are sure to succeed, would you really spend your days doing what you have written down ?” The answer was no. And you brought me on the way to my dream.

Since this Wednesday in the late August 2009, I did not change a word on my goal card. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am standing in front of large audiences unlocking people’s hidden potential by raising their awareness.” I am still on track. My advertising company will be sold by the end of this year, so I can focus 100% on speaking and inspiring people around me……life is beautiful.  And I know that you are part of this success. Your smile, enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism make you a superior mother (and not a mother superior:-) for all the lost unaware children… Thank you for helping me finding myself.  

– Xavier Debaere


‘From the moment I spoke to Susan before the Matrixx in August 2009 until and during the Matrixx in December 2009 I was able to count on Susan to help me get where I needed to be.    Susan reached out to me and continually exceeded my expectations. I knew I would need support to accomplish what I wanted to at the Matrixx and Susan was right there.  She encouraged me to talk to Bob, play my music at the Matrixx and make important connections with my Matrixx classmates. She helped with making suggestions on moving my music forward in the world.  There were many other small things that Susan did that made a big difference for me. Something small like taking a picture of me as I was signing my ‘Can You Imagine’ Cds for those who bought them.  She did this for me to post on my website. She gave directions to us precisely and efficiently.  I never doubted that what she shared was important. She is one of the most organized, talented, and sincere people that I know. She poured all of her talents out to us.  I appreciate Susan and respect her as a friend and mentor in my life.’

– Marcie Downing


“Susan Brady lights up a room when she walks into it. She radiates warmth, creative energy as well as the inner strength of someone who is a ‘life adventurer’. Susan wants you to succeed. She is someone who takes great delight in assisting others to believe in their own greatness. I value her opinion highly and feel extremely fortunate that our paths in life have crossed.”

– Charlie Mulraine


Becoming part of a Mastermind group has been the best investment I made in myself and in my business. Having the opportunity to share ideas, plans and goals with likeminded individuals has provided clarity, great recommendations for the best and most effective tools and processes to use in my business and accountability. I find it invaluable to know that my mastermind holds the space for my goal’s success until I am ready to step into it myself. I highly recommend experiencing a mastermind group especially if it is lead by someone like Susan who is never afraid to gently yet firmly guide you back onto the path you chose to follow.


– Joanne Roibu


In the last 10 years, I’ve been involved in 7 different mastermind groups – some I paid for, and some were simply groups I chose to join of my own accord. I have to admit – 6 of the 7 didn’t last long. We’d start strong, but we’d eventually dwindle off into disinterested nothingness. But last year, I got involved in a Mastermind group organized by Susan Brady. More than a year later – and still going strong – I can say I’ve never been in anything so powerfully effective, efficient and profit-boosting.

What Susan Brady organizes and administers is sheer magic – she somehow understands what “mastermind” is really supposed to be all about. Each week, I actively participate in helping my fellow peers grow their businesses, and they actively help me grow mine. I’ve experienced a leap in business growth this year, to the tune of about 43% – it’s the largest growth spurt I’ve ever experienced – ever – in my business AND it’s happened during what everyone seems to be calling “Down Economic Times.”

The Mastermind can and should be absolute magic. With Susan Brady’s organizational skill and guiding direction, you’ll see the magic occur in your business as well.

– Diane Armitage


Susan Brady is an incredibly dynamic and motivating individual. As a mastermind facilitator, she encouraged me to aspire to more – to bring the best of myself to the group in service to others, and to be very clear about what I wanted so that I could receive wisdom and inspiration in return. The mastermind group provided a vehicle to experience the incredible power of agreement in thought, and accountability in action. If you want to take yourself to the next level and/or if you have a vision that you’re just not sure how to carry out, I highly recommend the power of a mastermind group. And I especially recommend Susan Brady to lead it!

– Leah Severance


“Susan helped me realize the power of the people we associate with. In particular, how powerful a group of like minded people can have on ones business, career and Life. I’ve continued to meet with my MasterMind groups on a consistent basis. Within less than two years of participating in my first MasterMind group, I’ve become financially free (34 years old). More importantly, I’ve discovered and continue to cultivate what it means to be FREE… to be ME!

– Keith Schmidt