There is a Method to Getting Rich in Direct Sales
– Let me Show You How

One of the things I hear from women in Direct Sales all the time is
“Susan, I’m working really hard, I’m exhausted and I just can’t seem to make enough money… my team isn’t doing anything… my husband is frustrated with me…”

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you are in luck. I’ve put together a class that is going to show you exactly why things are not working.

Don’t worry… this isn’t one of those classes where I’m going to tell you to go out and find 30 faces or 30 people to sample your product.

I’m going to teach you the missing pieces…



Imagine what it would feel like to have a steady
stream of prospects wanting to join your team.

What would it feel like if you finally had 10 -15 team building interviews each and every month? So you could finally plan vacations ahead of time, pay off your bills and stop worrying about money.

Isn’t it time that you really started seeing the results of your hard word, and the rippled effect of the impact you have not only on your customers, but your team? I want you to see yourself through my eyes. I want you to know that you have infinite potential and that this is not the time to give up. In fact – this is the time for you to start sharing that unique gift of yours, in a much bigger way – after all, who are you NOT to shine that light?

Could you use a helping hand from someone
who has been where you are and has already done
what it is you want to accomplish?

The Science of Getting Rich in Direct Sales is a 5-week program that includes live training with me by phone, time to ask questions, templates, scripts, worksheets, and real life examples of women just like you who have gone before you and are seeing the results you are dreaming of.

This is not like any other Direct Sales or Network Marketing Training… I am not going to teach you how to book appointments, sell your product or how to talk to potential recruits…

I am serious about changing how you approach your business and making you fall in love with your goals and, ultimately, your new life.

What I can tell you – is that everything is about to change.



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Are you ready for a BIG change?

I am going to share keys for you to become RICH – you see, there is a proven science to this – and if you follow every step, you are guaranteed to increase riches in all areas of your life.

Yes, we are going to talk about money, but before we do, I want to share with you HOW your current thinking has been holding you back in your business.

Don’t worry – this isn’t your fault – you have had no control over this up until now. Not just that, they don’t teach this stuff in school.

Think about this:

Everything originates as a thought

Every single thing you see or touch around you originated as a thought. Those thoughts come from ‘formless substance’ – what is formless substance? Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. It is energy or vibration.


Everything is energy – energy is vibration. The quickest way to increase your vibration – gratitude. Learn the steps to increasing your flow of gratitude so you can deepen the connection with your higher power.

Impression of Increase

Everyone is seeking more. The desire for increase can be seen in all those we come in contact with. People are seeking more food, nicer clothes, more knowledge, more beauty, more luxury, and more knowledge. People go to where they are given increase and always come back for more.

Your Results

Doing more work and working harder at it will not provide you the results you are seeking. However, when you change this one thing – you will literally see your results skyrocket.

Here’s what you’ll learn

in this 5-week course in getting rich:

How to dream a whole lot bigger and start setting goals that not only excite you but scare you at the same time

Understand the difference between “that old thinking” and your new “abundant” mindset

How your past beliefs around money are affecting your business and what we can do to fix that

The power visualization can have on your results and how to use this magical tool to not only increase your energy and your vibration but bring you money in the bank

Start looking at your biggest fear as your biggest opportunity



100 off UNTIL June 18th

Register prior to June 18th for only $397

(All prices in USD)

I am going to share things that no one in this industry is talking about.
After all – I learned from the master himself – now I’m about to share it with you.

Class #1: How To Easily Attract A Bigger Team and Ideal Clients

Result: You will know exactly how to walk into a room and attract ideal prospects and partners for your team.

Learn the reason that some people are just “attracted” to you, and it has nothing to do with your looks.

Getting clear on what you really want and creating a plan to go after it no matter what.

The #1 reason you are stuck at your current income level and how to change it.

What the Universe has to do with achieving your goals and understanding that it can’t read your mind.

Class #2: How to Create a Consistent Stream of Clients and Referrals

Result: You’ll Know Exactly What to Do Each Week, Month and Year to Keep Your Business Humming with New Clients and New Dollars.

Everyone has an individual sign around them “Make me feel special” – finally understand what that really means.

An easy way to avoid overwhelm, fear and confusion so you can stop procrastinating and start earning.

Learn how to approach prospects so you don’t feel like you are being “salesy”. You will have the tools to know exactly what to do each week and where you are when it comes to your bottom line.

Class #3: How to Set and Achieve Your Goals and Eliminate
That Feeling Of Stuckness and Procrastination Forever

Result: You’ll understand how to use The First Law of The Science of Getting Rick to hit your goals every single time and keep your momentum flowing.

How to turn your desire to be, do or have more, into a step by step blueprint to create momentum in your business.

One of the best tools you can use to analyze where you are and the exact activity you need to focus on.

The one question you need to ask yourself before making any big decision.

Class #4: How to Grow Your Business From a Place of Excitement
and Energy instead of Fear and Procrastination

Result: You’ll finally be able to make all your decisions and look at opportunities from a place of excitement and wisdom – so that you move forward faster than ever before.

You will never grow your business or move forward when you are coming from a place of fear – we will look at steps to finally make this change.

The secret to understanding what faith is – and it has nothing to do with religion.

Learn how to finally release your shame and guilt around money and debt.

Class #5. Q&A Class

Result: Get ready to have all your questions answered. Listen to the most common questions from others just like you so that you can have total clarity about your next steps.

This is your chance to get clarification on any of the lessons or tools.

Still feeling a little stuck – that’s what Q&A is for – let Susan laser coach you through it.

Move ahead with clarity, vision and unstoppable determination with all the tools you need to succeed.

Again, here’s what you’ll get with

4 LIVE classes on using the power of your mind and how to harness the one thing that will make all the difference – your thoughts.

One (1) LIVE Q&A session when our 4 classes are done so you can get all your questions answeed and start changing the way you think and the way you do business

Exercises that will not only increase your focus, but increase your sales and team building efforts like never before

Scripts for how to change your self limiting beliefs so you can put a stop to negative self talk and self sabotage

High quality recordings of every class so you can go back and listen whenever you need it. Repetition is the key to learning

Printer-friendly lessons and templates that walk you through each of the lessons so you have exactly what you need to know step-by-step to change your results.

The Science of Getting Rich in Direct Sales

Class Schedule:

The class meets the following Mondays:

August 29 | September 5 | September 12 | September 19 | September 26

Class runs 9:00pm – 10pm Eastern.

Each Class is about 50 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A



100 off UNTIL August 22nd

Register prior to August 22nd for only $397

(All prices in USD)

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This 1-day event being held in March 2017 is Susan’s Signature event. Get up close and personal for a whole day. You will leave a totally different person.


I have worked with the BEST in the world when it comes to changing your thinking – come learn lessons that will not only impact you and your business, but totally change your life. Money isn’t everything but it touches everything that matters.

I look forward to teaching you and sharing with you these age old SECRETS that were shared with me and were instrumental in helping me create a rich and happy life.

Don’t wait, make the decision today to finish 2016 with a total different way of thinking – my promise to you is that everything will change if you implement what I am about to teach.

I know I could charge thousands for this program – but my mission is to create a BIGGER impact on the women in Direct Sales, that is why I am keeping this program within reach.

Let’s get you started – it will be life changing!

Blessings and Abundance

My clients pay thousands of dollars for these strategies –
the same ones I’m going to share with you, and they DO make
a difference – Here’s an example of what they are saying…

“Susan has taught me that it’s not just saying a goal, but believing and seeing yourself already achieving the goal. Her teachings of the Science of Getting Rich have taken me places in my business that I didn’t imagine possible. Now, I believe even more!“

– Paula Alba – Stella & Dot

“I’ve been involved in Network Marketing full time now for over 15 years and a 6-figure earner with my company – I made the decision to enroll in one of her upcoming classes – to be a student and learn. What’s changed? My mindset, my attitude and my passion for what I do!! I realized I could climb over the obstacles that no one knew about and shine again. Last month 83 new promoters joined my team resulting in a 40% growth, 9 new significant pin ranks and my 4 weekly checks in total increased almost $10,000. Thanks for helping me get my head right.“

– Elaine Lynas –

“Susan, I am applying all your teachings…and I am listening to that 2nd. lesson over and over again. Each time I discover something new. It is amazing!“

– Vilma Salazar – Rodan and Fields



100 off UNTIL August 22nd

Register prior to August 22nd for only $397

(All prices in USD)

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