Learn Susan’s Step-by-Step Systems and Strategies that
helped her create a Six-Figure Income working from home.

It’s time to step up and step over the line –
and start making the money you’ve been dreaming of!

Is you business more like a hobby?
(Unless you’re earning serios cash, the answer is yes.)

There are so many “mini-preneurs” out there who have one foot in their business… and one because their business doesn’t relly seem like a real business. It’s time to dive in whith BOTH feet!


Make Your business a real business with a real income

Are you attending conferences, seminars and workshops – all excited to really step it up – to just get back home and fall into the same trap?

It’s time to start thinking and WORKING differently!

Quit spending your precious time checking out what everyone else is doing, searching for free stuff, watching everyone else’s videos and advice and wondering why it’s not working for you.

THAT isn’t getting you anywhere is
it? If it where, you would be well on your way to your own six-figure income.

This program is for you if…

You’re sick and tired of watching others make it happen for themselves and beating yourself up about why you aren’t

You know there is money to be made but you just can’t get out of you own way

You keep hearing you family say, “Sure… I’ve heard that before.”

You’re ready to pack it in and go find a j-o-b

You absolutely NEED to make this work!

“Don’t take the unused gym membership approach. It is not enough to simply invest in quality training. Advancing in your business will take time, energy, effort, and the willingness to do things that are uncomfortable. If you are willing to do this, you will see results.”

– Hope Venetta

Are you the ready to take your business to the next level?

You’ve seen these women at your networking groups, you follow them on Facebook and you’ve had the chance to meet a lot of them in person – isn’t it time YOU were asiz-figure business owner or at least on track to earning a six-figure income? That may or may not be your goal. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the option?

I know how you feel.
I was once right where you are…

I resigned from an $80K/year government job to star my own business in Direct Sales
AFTER working BOTH for almost 8 months

I lead my team to over half a million in sales in our 2nd ear AND created a six figure income!

…This was before I started working with Bob Proctor

Then I had a DREAM…to share the stage and work with Bob Proctor

My friends said it couldn’t be done…

My peers thought I was crazy…

“You don’t even KNOW him!” I heard from some…

But did that STOP ME? Not a chance!


So give me the details…

The Six-Figure Working Women Academy™ is my BRAND NEW for 2017 program geared to YOU, the women entrepreneur. It will run for 6 months. The program is staring May 2017.

Even before our first content module, we’ll get on a call where I will set the stage for the next months and help you to get the most of your time in the Six-Figure Working Women Academy™, help you create a plan for the rest of 2017, and set you up for a quantum leap in your business.

Your vision is where YOUR perfect business begins. My goal is to lay the right foundation for you to manifest your vision and help you transform it into an exciting, prosperous and rewarding reality.

We’ll also discuss systems for staying organized and focused, how to strategically approach action steps, how best to set-up accountability, and more.

If you’re read, here are a few of the business growth “Shortcuts” you’ll learn

How to choose that next goal and the committed action necessary to achieve it!

How to find leads and get yourself in front of those leads to ASK for the sale –in the next 60 days.

How to build your prospect list quickly. I’ll show you exactly what steps to take.

How to market to potential customers so they actually look forward to hearing from you and get excited to get your messages.

Numerous unique and fun marketing ideas to use now.

How to package your products or services so you are no longer trading time for money.

How to develop your “visual goals” that will help create your dream business.

Why tracking is critical to your business – including WHAT to track and HOW to do it

What exact steps to build your business for long–lasting sustainability.

Why you need to have a team and why building a business is not a one woman show

How to develop a fun and interesting referral system that gets results

How to write your own pay cheque at the beginning of the month and watch it become reality by the end of the month

How to create loyal customers for life (a simple tip keeps them feeling happy to give you their business every time!)

What you should–and should not–do at every networking event

And much, much more!

“I’ve worked with many coaches before, but Susan Brady is by far the best one I’ve had. She has pushed me way out of all the comfort zones I’ve sought refuge in, and I’m loving it – as it has helped me focus with more clarity on my business to see how I can grow it further.”

– Runa Bergmann

So…Here’s how it will work:

6 Live “Six-figure Working Women Academy”
skill-building calls (1ST Wednesday of the month)

One of the foundational elements of the Six-Figure Working Women Academy™ is my highly successful, 6-Figure S.O.F.A System for creating the passion-based business and life of you dreams. I will be leading you through the entire system sequentially, diving into and building on Critical Success Strategies each month.

Please understand that these calls are not merely basic overviews. They are detailed training sessions with step-by-step, proven strategies, with examples, case studies, and resources, to help guarantee your success.

The purpose of these calls is for you to learn the mandatory business building and marketing principles that, when implemented, will put you on the road to a full and lucrative business.

You also get take action assignments after EVERY training call. These assignments are especially designed to
be simple and streamlined to keep you firmly OUT of overwhelm and ONLY taking the action you need to take.

6 Monthly live “Action, Implementation and
laser coaching” calls (3RD Wednesday of the month)

Between each Six-Figure Working Women Academy™ call, we’ll come back together again for a 60 minute Action, Implementation and Laser Coaching session. This is your chance to get regular ongoing personal LIVE coaching from me – something I normally do for my VIP coaching clients ONLY.

Bring you real-life situations to these calls, share you most pressing questions, and I’ll share answers, resources, and on the spot support. I’ll also open up the lines so that we can tap into the wisdom of the group, as you’ll benefit just as much from your fellow Academy members as you will from me!

If you don’t have a question, that’s OK, show up anyway! You will get just as much out of listening to the others in the group. After all, maybe you are a lot like I was, and didn’t want to speak up – but I certainly learned from others. You may find yourself facing the same things in the near future, and already be equipped with the answers you need. And I will be accessible and available to give clear direction and instruction, and to celebrate your success and accomplishments!


Each month you will have the chance to EARN a one on one call with me where you and I can discuss your business and you can ask me those private questions that you’ve been dying to ask.

3 Special 90 minute virtual masterminds meet-ups

That’s right, every other month (months 2, 4 and 6) we will all come together as a group to share our biggest wins and to get input and feedback from the group on a challenge we are facing OR a idea that you would like to move forward.

Private Six-figure Working Women
Academy™ members Facebook group

I want to keep you moving forward and taking action on a daily and weekly basis, you will be part of a PRIVATE members only Facebook group where you can ask a question or just hop on and share a win you are having. I will be popping in the group regularly to issue challenges answers your questions and provide feedback. This is the perfect place for you to remain accountable and find yourself and accountability partner.

Monthly accountability forms

At the end of each month you will be required to submit an accountability form to me which will account for your results for the month. This way, I am consistently encouraging you to be aware of where you were the previous month, where you are in the current month, the results you have achieved AND what you are most needing help with at the current time.

“Had my 1st one on one with Susan tonight and it was a very rewarding call. Lots of ideas, encouragement and recognition, as well as some extra pushing! Love you Susan for all you have helped me with, I’m handling lots of issues and changes in my life and love the women I’m becoming during these changes! Watch out the next two months are going to be amazing, I cannot wait to see where my business is going to be!”

– Kelly Ripley

“We have been working with you as our business coach over the last year and have seen a significant difference in our business. As an objective advisor, you have encouraged and counselled us through our highs and lows. We have implemented changes to improve our business as a result of the many coaching sessions with you. Our sales have increased, we’ve introduced new marketing and client relations initiatives, our workplace atmosphere is much more positive, and we are setting as well as achieving higher goals.”

– Emily Chung

“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Susan as my personal business coach. Susan taught me many things…She taught me if you want it bad enough it will happen, but no one ever made 6 figures sitting at home . She was very positive and encouraging but didn’t want to hear excuses. She would send out an accountability form every month that was to be filled out prior to our session and would follow up with a typed summary of our call. Susan was also available to me for any question I may have about business, she was honest and made me accountable.”

– Heather Taylor

“Okay, I’ve been in my files, looking at my Excel spreadsheet (giving my money lots of attention)…and guess what! When this month is over, I will have made more in sales and free product in the last three months, than I did in all of last year! I know, there wasn’t much in 2013 but still…I’m EXCITED!!! I think that’s thanks to all you supportive ladies at Six Figure Academy and having Captain Susan at the helm! Yay…hooraaaaay!!!”

– Debbie Hand

“It is an incredible feeling to know that you have a coach on your side who is there to inspire you forward toward your dreams – Susan Brady is that coach and she is a woman who motivates with her heart. She is driven to be successful on her own terms and encourages other women to do the same. With her coaching I have become a more confident woman which has helped me to become successful in both business and personal pursuits. She holds my heart next to hers as she guides me to being the best woman I can be…and I, in turn, teach my daughters to be the best they can be by living a life of excellence.”

– Sheena Murphy

If you’re not sure this is for you, ask yourself:

What will your business be like
six months from now if you don’t?

If you aren’t sure this program is for you, here are some things you must seriously consider.

If you want change in your business and your income – you absolutely must have a specific action plan to achieve it. If you’re NOT absolutely certain about te exact steps to take to get you beyond your current position, and if you just keep doing what you’re always done, you already know where you’ll be 30 days, 60 days, three months and six months form now…

You will be in the same place – financial and otherwise – where you are now. Maybe even worse, because if you’re not moving forward, you are moving backwards. Is this what you really want?

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.”

– Bob Proctor

Are you ready?

Recap – Here’s What you get:

6 LIVE “Six-Figure Working Women Academy” Skill-Building Calls (1st Wednesday of the month)

6 Monthly LIVE “Action, Implementation and Laser Coaching” Calls (3rd Wednesday of the month)

2 Special Half-Day Virtual Masterminds Meet-ups

PRIVATE Six-Figure Working Women Academy™ Members Facebook Group

Monthly Accountability Forms

“This has been an eye opening experience that forced me to pay attention to my business in a whole new way.”

– Dionne Bishop

“Little changes but huge results when you listen carefully, learn and implement!”

– Debra Brown

“This call was powerful. It had me scratching my head. I have more power to build my strength on and I just realize I have everything it takes to build my $M business. Where have you been all this time Girl? I love my Susan !!!!!”

– Josie Wulu

I’ve spoken to and mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs over the years.

You see, my passion is speaking, I love speaking to women entrepreneurs because I feel I give them hope. But that wasn’t enough… sure I could inspire you and motivate you but then you left and went back home and THAT is where life happens. It’s back at home where the struggle comes back, the not wanting to pick up the phone, juggling priorities, not knowing what to do, where to start or where to find the time.

So THAT my friend is why I developed this program, so I can be at home with you and we can connect through our private facebook group or on one of the live coaching calls or on our own one on one calls, just you and me. I will be with you. I am only vested in YOU and your success.

Then I had a DREAM…to share the stage and work with Bob Proctor

I hope you can feel my heart – it’s time for women like you to finally create that financial freedom and flexibility – but it takes work structured work and systems and THAT is what I am going to teach you and help you implement over the next six months.

There will be challenges, I never said it was going to be easy, but just know that I am whit you for the long haul. I know you’re ready to make a change, you wouldn’t have read to the end if you didn’t so let’s get started……just click on one of the buttons, and we’ll have a quick chat to see if this program is for you.

I look forward to our journey together, supporting and encouraging you as you step into YOUR power over the next six months. Then… we will celebrate!

Blessings and Abundance

While you’re waiting for ours first official call, I am going to schedule a BONUS call to connect and start to lay out some foundational principles for you that I know will help get you focused on making the necessary changes to move forward – and that will start with how you think!