Outer Blocks – What They Are And How To Overcome Them

Outer Blocks - What They Are And How To Overcome Them

How is your year going? Can you believe the first quarter of the year is done? Where are you at with your goals?


I am going to be writing a series of blogs on energy blocks. You have heard from me before about the law of attraction—like energy attracts like energy. The energy you give off is exactly what you will attract back to you.  Think of yourself like a magnet.


As business owners, we need to keep our energy levels positive so we draw into our businesses the rich positive relationships we need to meet our goals. And often, we come up against five types of energy blocks that keep us from achieving our goals:


1)   Outer blocks

2)   Limiting beliefs

3)   Assumptions

4)   Interpretations

5)   “I’m not enough” (of something)


Today, I am going to focus on outer blocks. Let’s start by defining what an outer block is—something that is out of your control. It is an external source that is stopping you from moving forward with your goal. For example, you do not have the money necessary to finish a project or maybe launch a project. You look at the block that is solely out of your control, and you do not see it in any other light than that it will inhibit you from achieving your desired outcome.


Here are a few more outer blocks:


Lack of time

Lack of skill or education

Lack of technology to complete a task

Lack of staff (or help)


You have two choices when you come across an outer block; you can work through it and look for other pathways to achieve your goal, or you can give up. If you are reading this blog, I would think you are looking for ways to see how you could work though one of those above-mentioned challenges. Notice that most of them start with the word “lack.”


I want you to stop reading here and list one outer block that may be stopping you at this moment from reaching your goals. I also want you to write down the feelings you have around that block. Remember, feelings emit energy. How you feel about the challenge will directly influence what energy you attract to the problem and your ability to overcome it.


Go ahead and print this blog and use it as a work sheet:


Describe your outer block scenario:







List the feelings associated with the outer block:






Now, if you and I were having a chat, you would more than likely tell me that you feel frustrated, angry, anxious, or maybe even victimized by the outer block. Fair enough. I want you to take a breath and close your eyes and imagine that you have already overcome the block. I want you to feel the success of overcoming the obstacle. Keep breathing.


Now that you have all the good energy flowing, list three strategies you can use to overcome this block (don’t judge them):



Strategy #1:





Strategy #2:





Strategy #3:





What are you prepared to do today to overcome this block?





If we shift our thinking from “can’t do” to “can do,” we will begin to stop seeing outward blocks as limiting our ability to do anything. We know that we can intuitively and creatively solve problems if we allow ourselves to do so.


If you look at really successful entrepreneurs, they do not view themselves as victims.


They don’t let challenges stop them; they persevere.


They regroup and refocus to move forward. Will you?


Of course, if you are looking for some help in overcoming those blocks, reach out and schedule your complimentary strategy session and let’s get through them once and for all.


Next week, I will discuss the next item on the energy blocks list: limiting beliefs.

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