Five Tips To Get Focused On The Tasks That Matter In Your Business

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As a busy entrepreneur, you know that your time is money. Being able to get the most out of every work day is very valuable. By managing your priorities and your activities, you will start to see momentum build in your business. I want you to begin to focus your time on things that matter and make you money.

Here are five tips to get you focused:

1. Plan your day. Make it a rule to prepare a schedule or to-do list for the next day before you go to bed. Once you have your list, put them in order of priority. This helps you stay on track and avoid wasting time or spending time on things that are not a priority or not revenue generating. As soon as you get into your office, you know exactly where you need to start, and that is at #1, THE most important. People who plan out their day in this way are likely to be much more efficient. While there is always a chance that unforeseen circumstances will arise, which require you to re-prioritize, your list of activities in priority order will prove to be very helpful.

2. Avoid time-wasting distractions. As wonderful as modern technology can be, it can also be incredibly distracting and sucking you in for hours at a time. Many business owners waste precious time browsing the internet, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or using their phones, almost without realizing what they are doing. A little discipline is needed to stay focused in this area. A great tip in this area is to schedule time (use any type of timer to help keep track of the time) to check email or hop on your social media. Give yourself a couple 15-30 minute blocks during the day, maybe during lunch and at the end of the day

3. Say no, if necessary. Stop being a martyr and saying yes to everyone who wants your help. No one can do everything. Saying yes every time a friend asks for help or input is not a good idea. People who allow just anyone to make demands on their time are left with no time for their own most important projects. While exceptions will have to be made at times, there’s nothing wrong with making it clear to family and friends the necessity of zeroing in on your business priorities. Remember, you need to have working hours in your business. There is nothing wrong with being flexible and moving those chunks of time around, however, if you were working a real j-o-b you would be expected to put in so many hours, same is true in your own business.

4. Review your progress. One valuable means for improving your productivity is periodically assessing how much progress has actually been made. Do you have appointments on your books, are you creating revenue? For example, the end of the work day (or the entire week) is a good time to look back over what’s been done. Consider what was worked on, and how much was ultimately accomplished. This approach should reveal inefficiencies and bad habits that are harming productivity. Pinpointing weaknesses will help eliminate behaviors that hamper efficient time management. Another great way to see how you are doing is to track every activity and note the amount of time you spend on it for a period of 5 days – that in itself can by an eye-opening experience.

5. Don’t multitask. It’s almost always better to concentrate on just one project at a time. Multitasking usually boils down to nothing more than an elaborate way to waste time. That’s because the human brain works best when it is focused on one thing at once. Multitasking actually results in a drop in efficiency and an increase in mistakes, so it has no legitimate advantages over working on a single task. While a person who multitasks may feel as if they’re accomplishing a lot, in reality, they are likely to get very little done.

No matter what industry you are in, whether you provide a product or a service, your ability to determine exactly what the top priority of the day is and which activities you need to focus on in order to accomplish the tasks at hand will serve you well.

Let’s get you focused on the activities that matter, those income producing or revenue generating activities.

If you are tired of trying to do this on your own, schedule a complimentary business building call so I can help point you in the right direction.

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