Developing High-Energy Relationships

Developing High-Energy Relationships

So what do I mean by high-energy relationships? When I work with clients, I want them to develop relationships that will make them feel energetic and help them grow and stay focused.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly pulled in a number directions, which takes our focus away from our goals and aspirations. Part of developing high-energy relationships is developing a healthy set of expectations and boundaries with our relationships.

I am going to be brutally honest. If you haven’t already figured it out, not everyone in your life will be thrilled that you are on a path to be empowered and independent. There are many people who would like you to hang out in the mud where they are stuck versus climbing the mountain, overcoming the challenges, and achieving your dreams. You are going to need to weed out the stuck-in-the-mud kind of people in your life as well as those who are negative who tell you that you have bad ideas.

Learning how to develop and communicate these boundaries and expectations will reduce the stress and burdens of negative relationships.

Factors to creating high-energy relationships:

1)   You: Who are you in the relationship? Do you honor who you are in your relationships, or do you let everyone walk all over you? Do you fully express yourself in your relationships? You need to get clear on who you are and what energy you are putting out there. If you want better relationships, you need to start believing in your own value.

2)   Resolve conflict: People change and grow—their priorities shift and evolve, and then they collide with others. Conflict is part of life, and none of us can avoid it. As an entrepreneur your priorities and focus will shift. And you are going to need to resolve your conflicts with your spouse or child who may not understand why you need to attend networking meetings in the evening or employees who think they should get raises when the company is struggling. What problem-solving skills do you bring to a conflict? Or do you go into a conflict with your defenses up? Can you shift the conflict from an argument to a discussion to finding a solution?

3)   Effectively deal with change: As I stated above, relationships change. As we grow, there are no guarantees that people around us will change with us. Part of managing change is focusing on what is right versus what is wrong with a relationship. It is sometime easier for us to play the victim, which ultimately makes us the victim. When you focus on what is right about a relationship, it lessens your judgments, stress, guilt, and anger. It allows your positive energy to grow and attract more of what is right.

4)   Create powerful working relationships: You can nurture positive relationships in your life by helping others succeed, creating prosperous alliances, and finding partnerships where there are mutual benefits. When you create a reputation as the person who creates excitement and new possibilities for success, you become a magnet for powerful working relationships.

5)   Respect your family relationships: None of us can do the entrepreneurial journey alone, and our families bring stability and fuel to us so we can succeed. To ignore or put your family feelings aside is wrong; you are just creating negative energy again, and that is not what you want to do. Negative relationships are draining, and you don’t need them. Be clear with your family about assumptions and expectations as they relate to everyone’s role in the entrepreneurial journey. What is it that you expect from your family? And do you know what they expect of you? Having that conversation will save you a great deal of grief in the long run.

Building high-energy relationships is not as difficult as you may think. It simply requires effective communication of your needs, values, and expectations while respecting those same needs, values, and expectations in those around you.

Still not sure how to build these high-energy relationships? Contact me and let’s start working together.

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