Meet the Make Six-Figures Working-from-Home Coach Susan Brady:

Changing the World One Woman at a Time

Women often ask me: How did you do it? How did you make over six figures in less than 12 months while working from home?

The truth is, it wasn’t easy, and there is no vaulted secret. All you need is mentorship, determination, and a dream.

After hitting the glass ceiling at my corporate job, I made a nonnegotiable decision to make something out of myself. Inspired by the ultrasuccessful women I’d met through Mary Kay, I decided to move into a leadership role and become a director—a position that demanded an intensive four-month qualification period.

With my fierce will leading the way, I went ahead and booked a hotel and caterer, and sent invitations to my debut party before I even qualified to be a director. Even though 90% of the women who pursue this position fail to meet its prerequisite sales mark, I told myself failure was not an option.

On the last day of my qualification period, I still had more sales to complete—only now, there was an ice storm to contend with. Driving through the slick streets and down the icy roads in my mentor’s pink Cadillac, I made all my calls. I did what needed to be done. It took me until midnight the very last day to meet my goal and complete my qualification, but I did it.

I tell this story to emphasize two things:

You have the power to change the course of your life and your business - drastically.

And you have to want your success with all your heart.

I continued to set several goals over those 10 years, each one bigger than the last. From starting my own business in the cosmetic industry, to earning cars and becoming a leader in my field, to working and sharing the stage with Bob Proctor, one of my foremost mentors, I built a career of chasing my dreams.

Through the direct sales business, I found my passion was to train, inspire, and mentor women to be their very best. In 2010, I chose to follow my heart and purpose in life and became the Make Six-Figures Work-from-Home Coach in order to help other women unlock and apply their own potential through my coaching, business strategizing, and mentoring.

With private coaching, Six-Figure Working Women Academy™, Six-Figure Elite Experience, and custom programs, I help empower women every day by showing them how to work from home and quickly earn over the six-figure mark.

Success takes collaboration, support, and guidance. I know women have the power to achieve, earn, and create the lives they want. I believe in having it all—family, the career of your dreams, and lifelong fulfillment.

All you need is the right mentor to help you along the way, someone who will hold you accountable for the goals you set, and who will give you the strategies your business needs to succeed.

I’m ready to mentor you to greatness, connect you with like-minded women and entrepreneurs, and share my firsthand experience on how to make six-figure salaries by running with your dream, your way.

But you’ve got to take the leap. You’ve got to want it for yourself.