Have you ever found yourself sitting on the sofa,
folding laundry while the kids play, and daydreaming
about what your life would look like if you were
financially independent?

What if you…

Consistently made enough money to pay your bills?

Had a home-based business that gave you the freedom to stay at home with your family?

Didn’t have to go back to work for someone else?

Turned your hobby into a profitable business?

Stopped feeling stuck and became empowered to make your own financial decisions?

When a woman makes more money,
it not only changes her life,
but it also changes her whole family
and her community.

It changes the whole world

There’s a reason I’m called the Make Six-Figures Working-From-Home Coach. I went from a successful corporate job to sitting on my sofa one night wondering, Is this all there is? to earning over 100K in direct sales working from home—rising to the top 1% in my field within the first 18 months.

Knowing I could give back in a much bigger way, I now coach women just like you—work-from-home mothers and women entrepreneurs with home-based businesses who are ready to turn their passion into a thriving six-figure business so they can spend more time with their family.

What legacy will you leave your children?

Discover the freedom that comes with being in charge of your financial future and living life on your own terms.

Through my Elite Coaching Program and Six-Figure Direct Sales Academy™ you’ll achieve your financial and business goals, all while making a bigger impact on the lives of your family and those around you.

Isn’t it time to get off the sofa
and make your dreams a reality?

After all, independence looks good on you.

From the Sofa to Six Figures:

How Susan Brady helps you succeed:

  • Sumu

    Prior to meeting Susan, I was struggling with having an employee mindset and in a full time job. My business was struggling and I didn’t know why. Since Susan became my coach, she has changed my mindset about entrepreneurship, gratitude and positive thinking. I have been off from my day job for 5 months now […]

    - Sumu Sathi
  • jacilyn

    Working one on one with Susan has been life changing. I’ve learned so much about myself and my ways. I have stopped getting in my own way, stopped making excuses and have learned to track my business and respect it like a business. I am so grateful to her as a coach but also a friend. I highly recommend her program to anyone who wants to grow. You will learn, you will grow and you will be thankful for taking a leap of faith too!

    - Jaclyn Monaco
  • paula-testimonial-susan-brady

    Not only did I achieve my Star Stylist in November. Just 2 months after “working” my business. I had a team of 5 and had made over $4500 in just one month!
    That is what Susan does. She changes your thoughts. She changes you! There is not a day go by that I am not truly grateful I had already paid that lunch fee. Because I love the new me!

    - Paula Alblas